Kayak Rentals

Kayak Rentals

 Rates for equipment rental. Full day rental (9am – 6pm)

  1. Kayak Only. Rs. 1500
  2. Paddle Only Rs. 400
  3. Spray Deck Rs. 300
  4. Helmet Rs. 300
  5. PFD/Life Jacket Rs. 300

Complete set of equipment package (all of the above) Rs. 3000. Half day rentals (1pm-5pm) will be charged half the above mentioned costs.

How do I make a reservation for renting equipment ?

Please call us on +91-97400-67323 or email us with the details about what equipment you want to rent on info@madrasfuntools.com

Can I cancel my reservation ?

Reservations can be cancelled 48 hours prior to your reservation date. Cancellations within 48 hours will receive no-refund but an in-store credit of the equivalent amount.

Do I need to know how to kayak ?

Yes, we are only renting White water kayaks and those require some amount of training before you can use them. We will usually screen you before allowing you to rent equipment from us.

Where can I learn how to kayak ?

Goodwave Adventures regularly organizes Learn to Kayak sessions in and around Bangalore and Chennai. Please get in touch with them or  visit their website for more information.

How do I transport the gear ?

We will not transport the gear for you, you will be required to pick-up and drop-off the gear from us. We can arrange a vehicle for you to transport the gear but you will have to bear the costs of the vehicle hire. If you are planning to transport the gear on your own then it is recommended that the vehicle that you use has a roof-rack. We will be able to lend you the straps at no extra cost.

Do I have to wear a life jacket and a helmet ?

Yes, we always recommend that you wear a life jacket and a helmet while kayaking. The complete set of paddling gear including kayak, paddle, spray-deck, helmet  and life-jacket (PFD) can be rented from us.

Do I need to know how to swim ?

Ideally, though we insist that everyone wear a US coast-guard certified type III/IV PFD while kayaking to keep you afloat in the water. Therefore you are welcome to rent our equipment even if you are a non-swimmer.

What should I wear ?

Paddling is a water activity, you should be prepared to get splashed or dripped on (and there is a chance of capsize or falling) in lake adventures. Whitewater is full contact, be prepared to get wet. We suggest wearing synthetic fabrics that dry quickly (nylon or polypro), avoiding cotton.
Dress for the weather. Waterproof sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and dry clothes to change into (just in case), or a fleece top to stay warm.

FootWear: We recommend a watershoe with a non slip sole and closed toes.

What should I bring ?

We suggest: sunscreen, hats, eye glass/sunglass retainers straps such as Chums or Croakies, rash guards with SPF, snacks or a picnic lunch, waterproof cases or sacks for cell phones or other incidentals.

Where can i paddle around Bangalore or Chennai ?

Several lakes and rivers can be paddled around Bangalore. Lakes/River sections around Bangalore

  1. Manchanahali Reservoir (near Chickablallapur)
  2. Manchanabele Dam (Off. Mysore road)
  3. Cauvery section near Hogenakkal falls (Class II)
  4. Cauvery section near Bheemeshwari (Class II)
  5. Cauvery section near Srirangapatnam (Class II)

Checkout the SRR homepage for more information on harder white-water in Karnataka and Kerala.

What if I damage or lose the equipment ?

We ask that you return the equipment/gear in the same condition that you received it. Charges for the damage or loss will be based on the cost to repair/replace each item.

Do you require a deposit ?

Yes, you will be required to pay a deposit before you can rent the equipment

Are there any late fees ?

Items returned after 6pm will result in an added late fee of a minimum half day rental charge, and up to a full day fee, depending on returned time. Full Day Rentals are 9am-5pm and half day’s are from 1-5pm, anything after 6pm is considered late.

Do you have a demo boat program ?

Not yet, But coming soon.

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