Choosing a Whitewater Kayak

When choosing a whitewater kayak there are multiple factors to consider. It takes some time to really understand which kind of boat will really suit us, so here we try to provide some general guidelines to consider. Where are you going to kayak? The rivers close to your home are the ones that you will probably visit the most, so it makes sense to take them into consideration when we are selecting a boat. Living close to big volume rivers with [...]


Learn to Kayak with Goodwave Adventures

In order to promote this challenging adventure sport, we decided to establish a school to teach White Water Kayaking in South India. GoodWave Advenures is the first company in South India to attempt such a bold initiative. Why do we do this ? It’s simple – we love to paddle, we love to stretch our boundaries, we enjoy watching new enthusiasts fall in love with the sport, we love to achieve and we love the feeling of being alive! We’ve [...]