Gear Review: DAGGER NOMAD 2016 (NEWMAD)

The first batch of brand new Newmads to hit the Indian rivers are finally here. After a lengthy delay due to our friendly neighbourhood ass**les at the customs department we finally managed to get our hands on our brand new fleet.  Outfitting these kayaks, just like all Dagger boats, is a ten-minute job. Adjust the foot-rests, tighten the screws, install the appropriate amount of paddling in hip pads and you are good to go! We couldn’t wait to take these [...]


Kayak Rentals

 Rates for equipment rental. Full day rental (9am – 6pm) Kayak Only. Rs. 1500 Paddle Only Rs. 400 Spray Deck Rs. 300 Helmet Rs. 300 PFD/Life Jacket Rs. 300 Complete set of equipment package (all of the above) Rs. 3000. Half day rentals (1pm-5pm) will be charged half the above mentioned costs. How do I make a reservation for renting equipment ? Please call us on +91-97400-67323 or email us with the details about what equipment you want to rent on Can I cancel my reservation ? Reservations [...]